Cognitive Science Experts

As a culminating event, the Center sponsored a national conference in Washington, DC on May 21 and 22, 2013. This conference featured 19 prominent cognitive scientists presenting 11 sessions over the two days. All sessions were audio- and video-recorded and edited by a team from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, there was a poster session and lively networking discussions at the end of the first day. In all, there were 91 participants from universities, nonprofit organizations, and Federal agencies.

As shown in the side panel, the conference presenters represented many institutions from across the U.S. Four of the conference sessions focused on the four cognitive science principles that were used to modify the Holt and FOSS science curriculum units and design the teacher professional development in the Cognitive Science study arm. The principles were 

  • Using Diagrams and Visualizations to Support Science Learning, led by Jennifer Cromley and featured Laura Novick and Priti Shah
  • Using Contrasting Cases to Support Science Learning, was led by Christian Schunn and featured Dan Schwartz and Dedre Gentner
  • Overcoming Conceptual Challenges to Support Science Learning, was led by Christine Massey and featured Carol Smith and Michelene Chi
  • Using Spaced Assessment to Increase Long-Term Retention of Science Learning, was led by Nora Newcombe and featured Henry Roediger and Sean Kang

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