Michelene Chi


Michelene Chi is a Professor at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University and a newly appointed Director of ASU’s Learning Sciences Institute. Her research focuses on understanding how students learn and finding ways to enhance their learning of concepts in science-related domains for students at the K-16 level. She has published widely on topics related to learning, such as expertise, conceptual change, tutoring, and ways to code verbal protocols. Her work has been widely cited (over 23,000 times). Dr. Chi’s current work addresses: (1) how “active learning” can be defined in terms of four modes of overt engagement activities, corresponding to four levels of learning outcomes, (2) how teachers can design activities to enhance students’ cognitive engagement, (3) ways of analyzing interactive dialogues in order to assess the effectiveness of collaborative learning, (4) how to teach science concepts that are robustly misconceived, and (5) how learning is enhanced from observing tutorial dialogues versus instructional monologues.

Overcoming misconceptions with a Process Module
Michelene Chi (Arizona State University)